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Cash remains a critical payment option for many people. Our unrivalled local convenience, forecourt, newsagent and grocery store network of over 28,000 places to pay across the UK, means there is always somewhere to open outside of traditional retail hours offering flexibility for every customer choosing to pay by cash.

Tracking cash payments alongside digital payments can often be difficult to reconcile, using the Event Streamer payment solution makes this process easier. Providing real-time payment visibility as it ‘streams’ payment transactions to your CRM systems for a single view of customer payments across all digital and cash channels.

Being able to receive real-time cash payment notifications means can help improve business productivity and customer experience by giving businesses the knowledge and ability to react to the circumstances. It improves efficiencies by preventing collections teams wasting time on chasing payments already made. It also allows means action can be taken in a more sensitive manner with vulnerable customers in arrears and debt chasing circumstances.

Benefits of using Event Streamer from MultiPay

Arrears paid notifications – if a customer has made a payment in a PayPoint store, the real-time notification could be used to prevent a chasing call. Their account can be updated instantly and you will know that the customer has started to contribute towards their outstanding amount.

Turning back on a service – if you provide a service dependent on a customer having made a payment, then the event streamer advice can be used. This means that you can support the re-initiation of services to customers where they rely on cash to make that payment

Easy to use - contact centre staff can create a payment schedule for customers where regular or instalment payments can be taken from the customer’s credentials on file

Real time notifications of retail cash over the counter payments, and other MultiPay non-API transactions to your systems

No need to do full API integration to get real-time cash payment notifications in a digital payments environment.

Single view of all payment channels for both digital and cash payments through our client portal

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