Confirmation of Payee (CoP) is an account name-checking service provided by Pay.UK and used to verify the accuracy of new payee details before payments are made. It is a key component in combating payment fraud in the UK.

CoP helps to reduce fraudulent payments by validating the correct and intended recipient details are provided by the payer or client. The CoP process involves cross-referencing account names with account numbers and sort codes in real time, making transactions more secure and accurate.

PayPoint provides the following CoP services:

  1. For Banks, Building Societies, and other Payment Service Providers mandated by the PSR to join CoP as responders, we can support your joining the scheme as either a direct participant, or indirectly through our aggregation service. Click here for more information:

  2. For corporate customers, we can provide access to CoP checking that you can use at the point where it has highest value to you: either when you are collecting customer details, or at the point of payment, or a combination of both. Click here for more information:

How the CoP process works:

  1. Request – The CoP check starts when setting up a new payee. Details including sort code, account number, account type and secondary reference data if needed (such as building society roll number) are provided. This is either as part of a new payee creation experience by an accountholder or credentials input via API or portal by the PSP or Corporate
  2. Verification – Details are securely sent and checked for a ‘match’ status by the Responding Institution
  3. Response – The payer receives a rapid response, usually within 1.5 seconds, and if results aren’t a complete match a warning will appear, and the payer can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Benefits of CoP:

  • Helps fight fraud
  • Provides the customer comfort when making payments
  • Reduces errors when transferring funds
  • Confirms the account type
  • Prevents illegal activity
  • Part of the Open Banking strategy

By introducing Confirmation of Payee, Banks, Building Societies, other PSPs and Corporates could save thousands of pounds and defend its account holder or client funds by checking only the intended accounts receive payments.

If you are seeking a partner to support the implementation of CoP and need further information for Payment Services Providers, click here:

For corporate firms seeking further information, click here:

If you would like to arrange a call to discuss how to implement Confirmation of Payee into your organisation, please contact our payments team: Get in touch today

Please note organisations using the CoP Service are subject to CDD and need to hold an account with PPSL. If you are not already an account holder, an account can be set up for you