Direct Debit payments from PayPoint
Cost effective way of collecting payments

Our flexible Direct Debit solution is part of our market-leading omnichannel platform, MultiPay, the one-stop-shop for all digital payments. Direct Debit complements our traditional over the counter cash channels and allows Direct Debit processing at scale.

Offering a Direct Debit option to your customers is a cost-effective way of collecting payments on both a regular and irregular basis. Our platform includes all the features you would expect as standard from a Direct Debit provider, plus, it can reduce your payment collection costs with a full API catalogue to integrate into your existing payment systems.

It can support a wide range of collection processes through our easy to use interface, and flexible APIs. We can manage schedules and offer any day collection, ad-hoc collection, multiple frequencies with letter printing and email services included. Our Direct Debit solution is a robust and volume capable platform.

Additional options also include a Hosted Mandate page, Bank Modulus checks, postcode checks, letter printing, email sending and migration services to ensure that your customer experience is untouched when you move providers.

By combining Direct Debit with our other MultiPay channels, you can create a flexible options-led payment service to your customers.

Why Direct Debit from MultiPay?

Quick to set up and easy to integrate

Single provider for all your digital payments

Market leading card processing and acquiring rates

Use our intuitive portal to setup and manage Direct Debit payments in house

Extensive APIs for integrating into existing customer processes and back office systems

Highly flexible portal to automate and grow customer Direct Debit payments

Single real-time view of customer payments across all channels Data portal provides a single point of truth

PayPoint is certified as a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider which is maintained year-on-year by undergoing an annual assessor-led on-site assessment against all the controls requirements in the PCI DSS

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