Customer payments made easy with PayByLink
What is PayByLink?

Our PayByLink product allows organisations to overlay traditional digital payments with capabilities to reach out to customers with care, engaging with customers sensitively and responsibly. It can be a standalone solution, or integrated with an existing CRM system. Businesses can send tailored, personalised SMS reminders containing a payment link to increase engagement and reduce payment friction.

The global average open rate of SMS is 94%*, so offering a payment method that improves interaction with the customer will ultimately increase payment collection rates and improve the overall customer experience.

Implementing PayByLink is quick and easy, it offers a good solution for contact centres for issuing one-off secure, payment links via SMS or email with the costly expense of ‘call masking’ services. It’s ideal for work from home call centres as it is a totally PCI secure service. Use for regular payment reminders to reduce arrears, particularly on small outstanding amounts that may often be uneconomical to chase.

New feature coming Spring ’21 - PayByLink Recurring Payments. This latest enhancement of PayByLink enables customers to decide whether to make a single, one-off payment, or set up a recurring payment on their account. Quick, easy and flexible payment plans take the strain out of arrears collections for both customer and business.

Benefits of using PayByLink

Enhances traditional digital payment methods

Easily integrates with existing CRM systems to send automated customer reminders by SMS or email

Fully PCI compliant and can be used effectively in a call centre environment, including home-based teams

Enhances customer engagement improving the customer experience

Increases collection of small arrears with ease

Reduce the costs of chasing arrears

Increase the security of taking payments over the phone

Increases efficiency with bulk payment options

Enhances cash flow management

Single view of all payment channels for both digital and cash payments through our client portal

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