“MultiPay from PayPoint has enabled us to streamline our payments and processes whilst offering flexibility for Data Energy customers. Having a real-time view of all payment channels is invaluable and hugely increases our efficiency.”

Adam Newman
Operations Manager, Data Energy

What was the challenge?

With multiple suppliers for each of Data Energy’s payment needs, there was a business need to streamline and have visibility of all payments coming through in one place. Simplicity was key, offering various methods of payment to their customers without it becoming too complex and difficult to manage.

What was the solution?

Data Energy already provided customers with cash in-store and online payments through PayPoint, the logical step was to use more of the MultiPay framework to introduce additional channels. Data Energy now has a variety of customer payment methods; cash, online, Direct Debit, IVR and event streamer all through one supplier, MultiPay.

The results

MultiPay has streamlined business processes making it easier for staff to use and for customers to make payments. Through the client portal, MultiPay offers Data Energy a single view of the truth where all customer payments, regardless of method (cash or digital), are visible in real-time in one place. Integrating event streamer into the existing CRM system means that information about a payment made, through any of the channels, is visible in real-time providing an accurate customer profile for all business users.