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What We Learnt from Housing 2019, Europe’s Largest Housing Festival

30 June 2019

PayPoint exhibited and spoke at the Housing 2019 live show in Manchester. Organised by the Chartered Institute of Housing, it was a superb opportunity to meet clients and the wider housing eco-system. 

What We Learnt from This Housing Conference

It was a busy three days, which gave us some great insights into the desires and challenges of the housing associations and local councils, and the wider technology market they operate within.

It was clear that education was key. Many just want to understand what is expected of them by their customers, and what the options available to them are. They were also concerned about regulatory changes and how they could be supported through that.

They understand that they want to help their customers make payments as easy as possible, through a variety of channels. But they want to know which ones, and how to deliver this with the normal considerations of timeliness and cost-effectiveness.  

The digital eco-system in which many organisations now operate is rapidly changing and it can be difficult to understand exactly who they need to work with.

We came away supported in our view that there are two key parts to delivering insights and effective solutions for our clients: specialism and partnership.

Specialism - working with a provider that knows their area and provides services to specifically overcome the challenges associated with delivering that area. PayPoint, of course, specialises in payments, technologies to support it, and the regulations surrounding it.

Partnership - where providers work with each other to provide a holistic service to the common client. This is integral to a market providing effectiveness in service, delivery, and cost.

Integration to partner systems in the digital eco-system is a key component of great service, and it is this desire for partnership with others in the digital eco-system that was most highlighted at Housing Live. Many very positive conversations were had with ERPs, CRMs and energy providers where we all recognised that working together can bring a great overall service to clients. 

Delivering ‘out of the box’ solutions and leveraging our specialisms, creates a chance for clients to understand more clearly what their strategy should be when delivering services to their customers.

With established partnerships and out of the box integrations, systems that work together are able to offer efficient delivery and effective service. They accelerate capability for their clients.  

Housing Associations and Local Councils agreed. They wanted the education and insight to understand what they needed to do and what the options are. They wanted to work with specialists to be effective in service delivery, and they want specialists to work together to deliver the capability acceleration they need.

We are working with a wide range of partners to deliver the capabilities clients’ need. By understanding your needs and challenges, we can recommend partners in a range of fields that will deliver ‘Best in Class’ solutions that are effective, efficient and economic.

Mark Anderson, MultiPay Product Manager