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Seeing and believing in data and information

30 October 2019

What is the problem?

All our businesses run on data. Data that we turn into information. Information that we use to make key, and importantly, timely decisions to grow our business. This creates more data, and the need for more information.

Many businesses have numerous disparate systems with data in different formats, locations, methods of retrieval and showing different, or often the same, information, in different ways.

The problem is knowing where to invest to get the most valuable information from the sea of data in front of you.

What is the solution?

Often the information needs to be presented by relevance. I need to know information that is relevant to my role, and I need a single source of the truth for that information. It also needs to be easily accessible.

By having a single dashboard or reporting platform for all the relevant areas of a business, then process of not only understanding what is going on, but making timely decisions is increased.

In the payments space, I need a single reporting screen where I can see all the transactions across all my business, regardless of the channel or payment method.

The MultiPay Portal from PayPoint has built our portal to handle transaction data and reporting across all the channels our clients enjoy, including Card and Direct Debit from Web, App, IVR and SMS. The portal also handles card refunds.

What are the benefits?

With a single version of the truth, and a single source of information, MultiPay has added value to the data, and enabled clients to understand more about what is going on at the crucial point at which they convert their business activities to cash.

By using the portal for either daily monitoring, periodical reporting and reconciliation, clients are able to gain control, by gaining insight from a single source.

MultiPay is PayPoint’s Omnichannel digital payments platform for service providers that supports the growth of our clients across different sectors.

Mark Anderson, MultiPay Product Manager