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How to Maintain PCI Compliance and Improve User Experience

30 November 2019

Convenience is key in the delivery of any service to customers. This is even more important when a service needs to be used on a regular basis. If there are many payment services that your organisation provides, then the complexities and challenges increase. Many organisations are therefore providing digital channels that give their customers the ability to manage accounts and make payments when they need to. 

This is not a new concept, and it is not an innovation to have a single website for your customers to buy and monitor their usage, whether it be rent, utilities, mortgages, club membership or insurance. Customers therefore expect that all organisations have such a facility to make their payments and manage their accounts.

Creating a Payment Solution to Improve User Experience

No two organisations are the same and therefore many build their own online user journey. This takes time with a focus on how to offer an online solution for the specific services that the organisation provides. There are a range of background mechanisms that need to be considered, not least the payments for the services themselves.

Due to time pressures and the desire to focus on the core value added journey, organisations are looking to find ways of setting up their payment capabilities with as little disruption as possible. It’s a complex area that relies on a lot of sector expertise, both technical and regulatory. 

In payments, this includes PCI compliance. There are hefty penalties for getting it wrong, as well as the reputational impact and potential direct financial impact to customers for an unsecure process.

How Can PayPoint Help You

PayPoint has developed a solution in partnership with our clients that supports clients being PCI compliant and reduces the effort in building the payments pages of your website. As part of our MultiPay payment gateway services, our hosted fields solution ensures key pieces of information are within the PCI compliant PayPoint environment, but full-page management, look and feel are retained by the client.

Client’s using this benefit from being able to control the look and feel of the payment page in line with their branding, whilst remaining compliant with the rigorous requirements of digital payments.

Our MultiPay solution is faster to implement than other direct integrations, and therefore is far less of an impact on a large digital project with many components.

The hosted fields solution means your organisation can focus on the core user journey. You can offer your customers payment journeys in line with their expectations, and deliver it in a timely manner.

Learn more about our MultiPay secure payment services here on our website, or please get in touch to discuss your business needs. 

Mark Anderson, MultiPay Product Manager