Selwood Housing

“PayPoint’s MultiPay platform has enabled us to maintain our service to our customers, but with the added advantage of a vibrant digital offering we can look to build on into the future”

Darren Bird
Income & Lettings Manager – Selwood Housing

What was the challenge?

Selwood Housing turned to PayPoint as their existing web payments provider was exiting the market. They needed a smooth transition that would mean low disruption to customer online payments. Additionally, they needed a partner who was going to drive future digital innovation and transform their payments offering.

What was the solution?

PayPoint could offer their bespoke white label web payments platform which enables customers to set up accounts, store cards, view transactions and make payments online. And with PayPoint’s Client Portal, Selwood are now also able to monitor activity in real-time, generate reports and issue refunds, giving them better overall control and visibility. 

The results

Selwood Housing can now offer their customers a web payments site with a robust and proven user experience. Customers can make payments and manage their transaction history with ease. 

PayPoint have ensured there has been no disruption to the customers’ ability to make online payments and Selwood are now looking to widen the opportunities to increase their digital provision to their customers.