Renfrewshire Council

“The PayPoint voucher scheme is a quick and convenient way for our service users to access their own cash”

A. Duffin,
Financial Welfare Team, Renfrewshire Council

What was the challenge?

Renfrewshire Council were limited to the types of payment methods available to their residents. Particularly for vulnerable service users who need to access cash for personal use.

What was the solution?

PayPoint’s CashOut solution is a convenient way to issue vouchers for regular or emergency payments. The service means that specific amounts or low value vouchers can be provided to the most vulnerable customers.

The result

Quick and easy access to the online portal to issue vouchers meaning their is minimal disruption to daily tasks.

The cash voucher scheme also means that Renfrewshire can react quickly to crisis situations and alleviate troublesome situations promptly. This helps to support their local community and provide a great service.

Other benefits include, being able to control how much cash a person can have each day and the ability to cancel vouchers if no longer required.

“It works extremely well for our residents. CashOut means we can issue vouchers directly to the resident or support worker resulting in an easier, quicker and more cost effective service.”

A. Duffin,
Financial Welfare Team, Renfrewshire Council

CashOut vouchers

Renfrewshire now issue their cash payments using PayPoint’s CashOut voucher service. To date, they have issued over 4,000 vouchers through their social work channels and over 18,000 crisis payments to vulnerable users.

Previously, when cash was required, a time consuming and costly transaction was triggered requiring vast amounts of paperwork. Now, vouchers are issued directly to the user or support worker to redeem for cash or energy credit in their local PayPoint store. This is a much more cost effective, secure and simpler method.

Energy vouchers with ID Check can also be issued, a particularly helpful tool for making emergency payments, ensuring no exchange of cash or exploitation.

“The introduction of the cash voucher scheme has provided a range of benefits, but first and foremost it has brought a degree of stability and reliability for people who are experiencing difficulties managing their own finances.”

Social Worker,
Renfrewshire Health & Social Care Partnership

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