Midland Heart

“PayPoint’s flexible MultiPay platform integrates seamlessly with our customer’s user journey, offering them the flexibility to micro-manage their accounts via the app, at a time that’s convenient for them. ”

Gary Hardy
Director of Housing

What was the challenge?

We wanted to provide customers with a range of payment options including digital services as well as maintain over the counter payments for vunerable customers.

At the same time, maintaining control over our user journey was important as our app and web journeys would offer customers access to a range of services.

What was the solution?

The MultiPay solution from PayPoint provided Midland Heart with the ability to take payments via their own app. The innovative solution works alongside their own user journey, across a range of digital channels.

Real time transactional information is used to update the Midland Heart back office systems to ensure a smooth reconciliation process, and to show the customer their payments history.

The results

Midland Heart have been able to offer residents digital payment options in addition to over the counter payments, increasing the flexibility of ways to pay and enabling them to micro-manage their accounts.

Real time statements in the app have meant customers are more likely to use the app for a wide range of services from Midland Heart. With ‘Check and Pay’ customers manage their own payment plans, reducing arrears as they have real time visibility and can micro manage their accounts.

Midland Heart will roll the app capability out to 28,000 customers and intend to continue to increase the scope of digital provision.

Find out more

MultiPay offers a range of services designed to help you reduce payment collection costs and provide convenient, time saving payment options for your customers. To discover more about MultiPay and how it can benefit you, visit paypoint.com/multipay.