Metro Prepaid

Cash in-store
"Metro Prepaid electric pre-pay meters combined with PayPoints cash in-store payment services have helped us conserve energy and reduce the time we spend on adminstration."

Jim Halibuton
Owner and Director of J9 Accommodation

What was the challenge?

J9 Accomodation found electric pre-pay coin meters needed regular emptying and were prone to theft and meter damage, card meters proved better but required administration in supplying cards and collecting cash. In addition to being inconvenient for tenants, the process was time consuming and hard to control the cards and petty cash.

What was the solution?

J9 Accommodation installed Metro Prepaid pre-pay electric coded token meters with high street vending through PayPoint. Metro’s encryption technology makes the vending process auditable and very secure. Using PayPoint’s cash in-store solution provided 24x7 convienience to tenants wanting to top up their meter with credit at any of the 28,000 stores across the UK.

The results

Electric payments are now easily auditable against a monthly usage report via PayPoint’s client portal. A digital real-time record of top-ups means that any tenants not paying can be easily identified. J9 Accommodation has found that the services offered by Metro Prepaid and PayPoint have increased the efficiency of their lettings team and the service has been well received by tenants.

Discussions to extend the services by implementing a rental payments scheme are in progress.