E Gas & Electricity Online, app, SMS & IVR

“When looking for a partner to process payments across multiple channels, PayPoint were the natural fit as they had a mature product that our competitors were already utilising.”

Chris Moses
Programme Director

What was the challenge?

E Gas and Electricity awere looking for a provider who could offer multiple payment options, especially digital channels, for their 350,000 customers.

What was the solution?

With PayPoint’s MultiPay solution, E customers had the choice to do their prepayment top-ups instore, online, via mobile app, SMS or IVR.

The online customer portal offers E Gas and Electricity real-time reporting and assists their call centre agents in troubleshooting any customer queries.

The results

PayPoint’s Multipay solution allowed E to support prepayment smart meters effectively. This resulted in them being able to attract new customers to E, and increase their market share, as well as offering existing customers an enhanced service.

The real-time transactions give customers a great experience, because within seconds of making a payment, credit has already appeared on their meter.

Find out more

MultiPay offers a range of services designed to help you reduce payment collection costs and provide convenient, time saving payment options for your customers. To discover more about MultiPay and how it can benefit you, visit paypoint.com/multipay.