Bradford Metropolitan District Council
“Since working with PayPoint we have seen a significant reduction in the number of payments the council has to administer manually, saving time and money.”

Martin Stubbs,
Assistant Director, Corporate Services

What was the challenge?

Taxpayers who struggled to prioritise payments and found themselves in situations of multiple debts.

This made it difficult for them to meet monthly council tax payments leading to a worsening arrears situation.

The results

Cash in-store

Bradford Council have not only increased the payment options for customers, but the changes have also led to a significant reduction in the number of payments the council have to administer manually.

As customers move towards self-service payment channels the number of cash payments that the council previously handled in-house has fallen dramatically. Cash in-store has reduced the cost of collecting money and meant that vital frontline services could be protected.

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“We were keen to encourage selfservice payment channels which provide customers with more flexibility, without increasing the burden on the council’s staffing resources.

This led us to introduce a barcoded bill solution which can be paid at over 200 locations across Bradford, saving customers time and travel costs.”

Martin Stubbs,
Corporate Services Manager, Suffolk Housing