East Ayrshire council: Cash in-store payments

“Since switching our contract to PayPoint we have been able to provide the same service to our customers at a much lower cost to our business; we have achieved savings of over 15% on an ongoing basis.”

Simon McBurnie,
Income & Payments Manager

What was the challenge?

East Ayrshire Council had a contract in place with The Co-Operative bank to take payments for rent, council tax and invoices across the Post Office and PayPoint networks.

The Co-Operative bank advised that they would be withdrawing from this market but East Ayrshire council were keen to continue a cash payment service for their customers.

Multi-channel payments: Cash in-store

PayPoint’s cash in-store service offers an excellent alternative payment method for clients and their customers.

All payments are logged and daily transaction files are made available 365 days a year, allowing clients to continuously monitor and record payments.

Each payment is settled within four days and our competitive rates mean our clients can save substantial costs on their transaction fees.

Cash remains a critical payment option for many people and with 99.7% of the UK’s urban population living with one mile of a PayPoint store, there is always somewhere convenient to pay.

PayPoint services can be found in a number of stores across the UK including major brands such as Asda, Co-op, Spar, Costcutter and Tesco Express.

“We were already taking payments across the PayPoint network, so when our contract with The CoOperative bank ended we were keen to ensure minimal disruption and a seamless transition for our customers.

PayPoint not only helped to ensure continuity of service during the transitional period but have also saved us money; our contract is costing us 15% less than before.”

Simon McBurnie,
Income & Payments Manager, East Ayrshire Council

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