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First LINK PayPoint ATM installed in Oxford as part of new programme

  • Oxfordshire community regains access to free-to-use cash machine
  • LINK PayPoint ATM opens after previous machine removed earlier this year
  • PayPoint is LINK’s first partner in the nationwide rollout

Welwyn Garden City, 03 September 2019: Ardington in Oxfordshire is the first location in the UK to benefit from a new nationwide scheme that helps communities regain access to free-to-use cash machines.

PayPoint – the leading provider of multichannel payments, retail technology and services – installed the new machine last week, which is the first in LINK’s programme to provide charge-free ATMs to communities that have lost their free access to cash. 

The ATM re-opened at the Grocer Chef tearoom and general store on Ardington High Street, after the previous one was removed by a previous operator. The new ATM is self-fill, and cash is not stored on the premises overnight. 

Earlier this year, LINK pledged to install a new cash machine at any location which loses a ‘Protected ATM’, where there is no alternative to free cash access and where a suitable location can be found. 

Across the UK, there are around 3,500 free-to-use ATMs that are more than a kilometre away from the next closest or form part of LINK’s Financial Inclusion Programme, which safeguards free ATMs in remote and deprived areas. These ATMs are eligible for subsidies that are funded by the banks. 

Patrick Headon, CEO of PayPoint, commented: “The changing high street has seen many areas lose free access to cash, even though many people still rely on it in their daily life. Installing more ATMs will allow people who need it to withdraw funds affordably and further cement the retailers’ position at the heart of the community.” 

John Howells, CEO, LINK: “I am delighted we have been able to work with PayPoint to restore Ardington’s ATM. It’s vital that we protect free access to cash where it is needed.” 

Keith Grieg, owner of Grocer Chef, said: “Our village has seen a decline in vital services over the years, such as cash points and our bus service, so installing this machine will enhance access to cash for many in the community. In a village, a cash point can make a real difference, particularly to those who are not able to travel into town.”



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About the LINK Scheme

The LINK Scheme is the national ATM Network that connects virtually all the UK’s ATMs.  LINK’s role is to provide UK consumers with universal access to cash in a safe, convenient and rapid manner. LINK has 35 industry organisations as Members that issue ATM cards and deploy ATMs in the UK.  LINK cash withdrawals account for around three-quarters of all cash withdrawals, with the remainder made up of withdrawals where cardholders use their own bank or building society’s cash machines to access their cash.  LINK is a not-for-profit organisation and governed by an independent Board, which has a clearly defined public interest remit.

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